Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Favorites 2013

Going to a better place than this

Dark times comes II

Dark times comes

Quiet road (New version)

Paper work

One misty morning

A better day has dawned

Railway track



Ten images from last year.
I would easily put in more, but ten this time.

Last year was a good year of photography.
I do not technically advanced, but I found more of my own style.
It is a dark, mysterious and full of strong mood.

Last year, I got a personal website. a lot of followers on facebook, flicker and 1X sites.
I got published a few photos of 1X page. This was a little dream for me., must say the feeling is good. I want to thanks all of my followers :)

This year I have less time for photography.
I have three small children, this takes time :)
I think i take more black and white photos? But who knows?

I hope that you will follow me in the future?

Please let me know your favorite photo?
Have a nice start of the year.


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